Tiffany T chose the 925 sterling silver (Rose Gold, Gold, Platinum) and 18K gold. After you simplify image Amfitheatrof T-shaped sharp, the structure of deconstruction, and continue to give a deeper meaning, you can create a new work vulgar jewelry eventually. Decoration Necklace Bracelet tiffany australia T-series model Kuan-type large open button, bracelet small model, and different lengths, ring, earrings. Some works, chose ceramic black and bright more opalescent. And part of the inspiration of diamond jewelry design from the works of antique Tiffany classic collection of sketches 1920.

Paris antique Biennale conceptual predecessor, beginning in the 1950s, the labor union of the leading dealers, become more apparent at once. Then, two years of all, this event has attracted the most stunning display of proud of them masterpieces of antique dealers and art. In addition to the exhibitors, participated in the festival at the Grand Palais in Paris under the dome of glass, celebrities people heavyweight, businessman, art market and artists came from all over the world.

Antique shine the 27th Paris Biennale of Extreme Tiffany series, grab inspiration from the gardens of the 17th century Versailles Paris antique Biennale this year. Pariguran Palais exhibition hall will be built on the premises in order to build to reproduce the glory of the past, a treasure in the garden of dreams. Fountain, grass, trees one by one into the Fam jewelry, in history,tiffany and co australia as the pavement traversed by the works of art from the time tunnel, walk the renovated Grand Palace promenade newly elegant luxury of the times to back.

"Tiffany T 'work, innovative design. There is a vision of her through it to create a style that revealed the unique structure and clean lines, a unique and stylish and contemporary" Tiffany T "bold, tiffany sale delicate workmanship to make meticulous; interpretation of the spirit of the United States. "By itself, the characters" in the vertical structure, it symbolizes the attitude and New York, "vitality, of New York, said, spiritual" this series. Has been designed to pay homage to Tiffany "She is very T it operates innovative and combines the bold style. "

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